• Editorial: Art Rosenfeld's Legacy

    Art Rosenfeld, the father of modern energy efficiency, recently passed away.

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  • PACE Alive and Well, Part III

    California contracting company Progressive Energy Solutions specializes in solar installations and energy efficiency.

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  • The Case for a Thermal Comfort Rating Metric

    As residential performance ratings gain momentum, there is room for a metric that rates a home's ability to deliver thermal comfort.

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  • Ducted and Space-Coupled Heat Pump Water Heaters

    Heat Pump Water Heaters have the potential to save more site and source energy than other electric-storage water-heating options.

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    Building to Mitigate Climate Change and Address Social Justice

    Building to Mitigate Climate Change and Address Social Justice

    By Kathleen Marshall

    Priscilla Garcia used to live in a gang-ridden neighborhood in Fresno, California, that, she says, was unsafe for her children. Now she lives 17 miles ...
    Spreading the Green-Building Gospel

    Spreading the Green-Building Gospel

    By Abe Kruger

    When you’re a green-building consultant, most people assume that your house is as green as possible. While I’ve always wanted ...


    Nick Fergis “HERO Program Adds Value for Homeowners, Communities, and Contractors” Nick Fergis, chief operating officer for Renovate America, says that writing ...
    Three Things We Need To Do To Develop a Healthy Housing Stock

    Three Things We Need To Do To Develop a Healthy Housing Stock

    By Mariel Wolfson

    Our new working paper explores healthy home concerns and behaviors among American homeowners and renters. We show that ...
    A Compilation of Current Home Performance Standards

    A Compilation of Current Home Performance Standards

    By Bill Spohn

    You may not be aware, but there are several Home Performance standards currently available to the public.
    Tips to Help HVAC Contractors Bring in More Business

    Tips to Help HVAC Contractors Bring in More Business

    By Dan McKee

    When you’re working in a sector as competitive as HVAC sales and service, you need to ...
    Converging Trends

    Converging Trends

    By Rick Barnett

    Environmental Leader recently described legal challenges faced by a business coalitionsupporting the “Clean Power Plan.” ...

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