• Why Aren't We Building Better Houses?

    If simple passive measures were common and effective in the 1940s, why aren't they used by architects and home builders today?

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  • Benefits of DOE's WAP

    Weatherizing low-income homes can help to alleviate energy poverty, which is a significant problem in the United States and worldwide, and it also provides health, safety, and household-related benefits.

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  • SEEK and FLIR Disrupt IR Technology

    New products from upstart SEEK Thermal and old-timer FLIR verge on being disruptive technologies, given their pocket size and remarkable pricing.

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    Why Do We Need More Women?

    Why Do We Need More Women?

    By Amy Beley

    I love this industry. I stumbled into it just over ten years ago and have found the impact we as an industry can have ...
    Online Tool Ensures High-Quality Weatherization Work

    Online Tool Ensures High-Quality Weatherization Work

    By Deborah Lastowka and Heather Head

    The idea of using step-by-step descriptions to help workers understand what's needed to achieve a desired outcome is common in the fast-food industry—...
    How Solar Decathletes Communicate and What We Can Learn from Them

    How Solar Decathletes Communicate and What We Can Learn from Them

    By Macie Melendez

    DOE’s Solar Decathlon is a challenge posed to collegiate teams to design, build, and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy efficient, ...
    Colorado Nonprofit Energizing Families and Seniors

    Colorado Nonprofit Energizing Families and Seniors

    By Peggy Hofstra

    Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) understands the importance of affordable home energy, particularly for low-income or vulnerable consumers. For more than 25 years this private, nonprofit ...
    Thinking Out Loud

    Thinking Out Loud

    By Rob Nicely

    Anyone who has read a blog, sat in on one of my presentations, or been a client of ...
    Why Are We Swimming Upstream?

    Why Are We Swimming Upstream?

    By Anna Svensson

    Repurposed content from Better Buildings: Better Business Conference blog on December 15, 2015 | by conference presenter Robert Bean, R.E....
    Building to code is a waste of money, GUARANTEED

    Building to code is a waste of money, GUARANTEED

    By Anna Svensson

    Repurposed from Better Buildings: Better Business Conferenceblog post onFebruary 1, 2016 | by conference presenter Steve Romme, Partner, eFree ...
    Energy Innovation

    Energy Innovation

    By Rick Barnett

    Space conditioning is the biggest piece of the residential energy pie, and thermal shell improvement is a homeowner's ...

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