• Weatherization and Indoor Air Quality

    Research suggests air sealing can degrade indoor air quality--but also shows that properly implemented mechanical ventilation can reduce these unwanted effects.

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  • Condensing Dryers

    Consumers have never had more options when it comes to choosing a clothes dryer. Dryers are now styled like high-end cars and include nearly as many features.

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  • Savings of Smart Thermostats in Humid Heat

    Overall measured heating-and-cooling energy savings averaged 9.5% or about 500 kWh a year.

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  • Radon Mitigation: A Business Opportunity

    Radon is easily measured and mitigated, making it a potential add-on service for a home performance contractor.

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    HERO Program Adds Value for Homeowners, Communities, and Contractors

    HERO Program Adds Value for Homeowners, Communities, and Contractors

    By Nick Fergis and Jesse Fulton

    As the clean-energy economy heats up, communities across the country are actively pursuing programs that promote energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas (...
    Back Porch: Nexia: Connecting Homeowners, HVAC Installers, and Dealers

    Back Porch: Nexia: Connecting Homeowners, HVAC Installers, and Dealers

    By Tom White

    This past May at Parks Associates’ CONNECTIONS™: Connected Home Conference, I had the opportunity to speak with George Land, General Manager of ...
    Editorial: The Body and Soul of Connected Devices

    Editorial: The Body and Soul of Connected Devices

    By Alan Meier

    In a recent article by Chris Dorsi, he provides an excellent summary of the latest crop of Internet-connected devices for home energy applications. This ...
    How Does Geothermal Cooling Work?

    How Does Geothermal Cooling Work?

    By Carl Taylor

    Although the concept of geothermal energy is one that's been around since Ancient Romans were snap-whipping their buddies ...
    The Real Women of Home Performance: Maureen Mahle

    The Real Women of Home Performance: Maureen Mahle

    By Macie Melendez

    Maureen Mahle is an engineer and specialist in high performance homes. As the vice president and director of ...
    Customer-Centric Load Reduction Programs

    Customer-Centric Load Reduction Programs

    By Charlie Hewitt

    As the summer heat sets in, residential air conditioning load delivers its annual punch to the power grid. ...
    Tiny House Competition

    Tiny House Competition

    By Suzette Bienvenue

    The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has created a first-of-its-kind energy-efficient housing competition for college and university students. ...

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