• Transportation Energy Savings

    As technology changes, energy conservation measures may be found in the garage.

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  • A Net Zero Energy Home Grows Up

    In 2005, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver teamed up with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to design and build a net zero energy (NZE) home.

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  • Heating Loads: Upstairs Versus Downstairs

    An investigation into why two-story buildings with open staircases use significantly more heat downstairs than upstairs.

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    Bits and Watts, Watts and Bits

    Bits and Watts, Watts and Bits

    By Alan Meier

    More and more, the streams of energy and information are becoming entangled. No single event heralds this merger; instead, dozens of innovations across a ...
    Why Proof Will Be the New Normal // Part 4: A Hook for Home Performance

    Why Proof Will Be the New Normal // Part 4: A Hook for Home Performance

    By Griffin Hagle

    Corbett and Grace have their work cut out for them. In a decade that has seen employment in the solar-energy sector surge to over 260,000 ...
    California's Home Performance Data Drought

    California's Home Performance Data Drought

    By Debra Little

    Every energy upgraded home has data. But it’s the story behind the data that gives it ...
    Bigger Steps

    Bigger Steps

    By Rick Barnett

    America’s first environmental legislation, the National Environmental Policy Act, was the result of escalating public demand ...
    The Impact of Millennials on the Home Energy Market

    The Impact of Millennials on the Home Energy Market

    By Jonathan Deesing

    Millennials—the biggest generation in US history—are entering the home energy market in droves. They&...
    The Real Women of Home Performance: Lauren Salz

    The Real Women of Home Performance: Lauren Salz

    By Julie Caracino

    Lauren Salz is the co-founder and COO of Sealed, a company with a simple purpose:to make home ...

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